Smart restaurant POS

Easy and Fast POS, allow you to focus more on customer

  • Hardware Layout DHRU POS

    Restaurant Overview
    Get snap of your restaurant from a single screen, Supervise amount of items/bill and waiting time. Tap on table name and start managing it. Custom arrangement of tables for visual selection.

  • DHRU Restaurant POS

    Smart POS
    Select Items visually by group, add quantity, manage modifiers, add predefined notes or custom.

  • DHRU Restaurant POS

    Payment mode
    Multiple payment options allow to take and manage payments from different mode, it also let customer to pay with mixture of payment modes.

  • DHRU Restaurant POS

    Customized invoice templates with detailed tax calculation ready to printed on your desired printing format wether A4, A5, Roll or pre-printed format.

Key Features

Welcome and serve your walk-in customers or entertain their call.
Take orders for Dine-in, Take Away, Home Delivery or Room Service


Clean and informative Kitchen Order Tickets will increase productivity of your kitchen, it also reduces errors.

Tablet Ordering

When your waiter/captain took order with tablet, it does not only seems premium but also save floor time of staff that can be used towards better guest experience.

Self Ordering

With self order application customer can order, KOTs will be generated, waiter or manager can see that order and add items on that order. It brings more time to staff for better guest service.

Fast Billing

Swift turn around is a key factor to success for any restaurant and our fast billing method complements this thought with multiple payment options.

Table management

Arrangement of table can be set on screen as on floor by drag and drop for better visual understanding.

Take away

Take away orders needs some extra attention like different tax group and our software knows that.

Fast and secure

Spending 15 years in software industry, we know the value of consistence and security. With industry level security our cloud are ready to bring you fast and secure experience.

Stock Management

With easy purchase, sales, garbage and transfer entries all stock can be managed efficiently using various stock reports.

Multiple restaurant with multiple kitchen

Facilities with more than one kitchen and/or restaurant can manage all kitchen and restaurant from same screen. Cross kitchen ordering can be done when needed.

Advanced level of access layer

Multiple level of access allows to manage authority and decide responsibility, which leads to less errors.

Integration with Dhru HMS

Dhru HMS provides smooth operations for accommodation business and integration gives seamless experience of hospitality.


Full featured accounting is integrated with our software. Track your accounts/ledgers or make adjustments, all at one place.

Home Delivery

Many accurate information needed when you deliver food to customers at their door step, our software provides those information when you need them taking orders.

Reservation by application

One can also reserve a table from mobile using our application for your restaurant.

OEM application possible

We also offer self order application published with your own restaurant name, with some additional charges.

DHRU Restaurant POS

POS on Android

  • Open hardware
  • No more expansive hardware required
  • Just android tablet + Network thermal printer + Internet need to start work
  • A native application for perform faster and smoother
DHRU Restaurant POS

KOT Print, Display and Buzz! on Android

You can use Android POS application to place order and KOT will be generated in kitchen with complete details.

  • KOT Application can print token directly in kitchen
  • If print no need then just display token on screen
  • Buzz out items from kitchen to track average delivery time
DHRU Restaurant POS
DHRU Restaurant POS

DHRU Restaurant POS

Client side Application

Make ordering fun for customers by providing self order application.

  • Self Ordering from restaurant table to kitchen (Self Ordering Dine-IN)
  • Takeaway and Home Delivery
  • Table Reservation
  • Self Ordering kiosk
  • Android and iOS available now
DHRU Restaurant POS DHRU Restaurant POS

Statistics on mobile

  • sales summary
  • Sales by product
DHRU Restaurant POS DHRU Restaurant POS
DHRU Restaurant POS

DHRU Restaurant POS

Feedback survey form on android

  • Simple application to take client's feedback
DHRU Restaurant POS


Our software is compatible with all hardware, no expensive hardware needed to get on board. A good android tablet and network receipt printers will do all the magic.

Android tablet
DHRU Restaurant POS

Android 5.1 + tablet
for cash Register

* Samsung Galaxy tablet
* MI Pad 2
DHRU Restaurant POS

ESC/POS Command Supported Network or Wifi Thermal Printer

* EPSON - TM Network printer series

DHRU Restaurant POS


We understand your business has other expenses too,
so we offer most affordable pricing plans

On Cloud
Quick Start NOW!
On Premises
Price 35 USD per month
per restaurant
3,500 USD
One time
Restaurant/Property 1 Up to 10
Users Unlimited Unlimited
Updates FREE 1 Year
Supply Chain Management
Restaurant Analytics
Accounting / Financial reporting
POS APP for Mobile/Tablet
eMenu Mobile/Tablet
Kitchen Display System Tablet/TV
Self Order APP
OEM Self Order APP * *
Feedback APP
Hotel Booking & Management (HMS) 50 USD @ Month
Up to 50 Rooms
2,500 USD One time
Up to 50 Rooms
Task management
Backup Secured on Cloud Secured on your premises
  Buy @ Monthly
  Buy @ Annually
* OEM Self order app maintenance charges applicable
On premises package required own dedicated local/online server


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