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What is SCA?

S C A, A DHRU product for Service Centers, POWERFUL TOOLS THAT WILL MAKE YOU RELAX, FOR SURE. S C A stands for Service Center Automation, A new golden feather in Dhru product range. S C A has been developed for in-house service center, and we like it too much. At Dhru we decided to avail this awesome system to everybody, who run Service Center. To increase customer reach, a step towards happy customers, managed technicians and efficient environment.

client support

Supporting your client

Built in support ticket and live help system, knowledge base and blogger to support your clients more professionally .

template editor

Fully Customizable

Templates for the client area, let you fully customize the front-end and the layout/styling, what your clients see. We also offer built in style editor for non technical persons. Also you can configure all mail template with individual service too .


Lots of Utilities

Built in mass mail, sms, news later, backup system cleanup etc.. added so no any other recourse needed.

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Dhru SCA The all in one solution specially for Service Center The one place you can manage your clients,billing,accounts,techanician with advance level.....
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