Complex made simple

  • Downloadable
  • Total customization
  • Perpetual license
  • Secured in your own network
  • Easily edit live template


Blogger Knowledgebase Client Management CMS (Content management system) Billing System Mobile Admin Mobile App Support Ticket System Affiliates System Unique features (Client Groups) Remote Client APi Suppliers APi Installation Service


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149$ 349$ 299$ 299$ 299$ 129$ 999$ 149$ 49$ 299$ 299$ 500$


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About Dhru Fusion

What's included?

Your Download license includes a perpetual Dhru Fusion license, six months of access to product updates and support, which is optionally renewable.

Total customization and control

Because the eCommerce is hosted in your own environment and you have access to the full templates source code, you have unlimited customization and control over your site .You can modify your design as your organization's requirements.

Six months of product updates and support included

Because your license is perpetual, you can continue using your Fusion license without an active product updates and support subscription. Your subscription is optionally renewable at 300$ for 12 months.

Upgrading licenses and add-ons

At any point, it is possible to upgrade your license or even your product (from Fusion lite to Fusion) and you will only need to pay the difference. You can also buy add-on later as you have Demand.

Bring your data with you

If you are upgrading to Dhru Fusion from another software vendor, we can help you transfer your data. Contact us with information about what you would like to bring over and we'll see if we can help.

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